Gable Carport - Wilton NSW

Gable Carport Wilton

Builder / Installer

Premier Improvements

Year of Installation


Characteristics of the Street

Styles of the surround houses on the street where we installed this gable carport, were built in the late 1970’s and 1980’s.

Characteristics of the Property and House

Single storey brick veneer home situated on 2.25 acres of land?

The land slopes gentle from front to back, with native trees and landscaped gardens.

This was a new build with no existing structures on the property.

Design, Style and Colour

The colours used in this project matched the existing house.

The structure was attached to one corner of the house via a structural box gutter system.

Installation of Posts

Posts were fixed to an existing concrete slab using posts with welded plates, which were attached with dynabolts.

Roof Materials and Profile

A colorbond® corodek roof was installed in woodland grey, which matched the house roof profile and colour.

Louvres and Privacy Screens

The success of this carport design saw John and Margaret add aluminium powder coated louvred privacy screens, and when the cars are moved, the space doubles as the prefect BBQ and outdoor entertaining area. Screening in the roof area between the house and carport to tie the 2 structures together and still allow the light in, provides privacy to the neighbours.

Decks, Rails, Stairs

This project did not include decks, rails or stairs.


This project did not include an enclosure.

Decorative Features

Premier installed a 3 spoke feature to the front gable end of the carport as a decorative feature. Twinwall panel was installed to the rear gable, providing protection from the rain and sun.

Interesting Facts of This Project

John and Margaret needed a carport for their house.  Not only to protect their vehicles but also to allow all weather access from their cars to the house for Margaret’s elderly father who lived with them. Given it was at the front of their house, they didn’t want the addition of a carport make the house too dark inside, so Premier designed a unique double gable which fitted in with the existing house, giving them height as the land sloped down to the house, and allowed it to be away from the house to keep light coming in, along with still providing them the all weather access they needed. John and Margaret couldn’t be happier with the Premier team “from initial concept to completion, they were fantastic to deal with.”

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