Gable Insulated Pergola with Aluminium Louvres - Wilton NSW

Gable Insulated Pergola Wilton

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Characteristics of the Street

This home is situated on a 1 acre block (4,000sqm) in a modern new housing estate in Wilton. The property is surrounded by homes on 1-2 acres in size and is located close to schools and shops.

Characteristics of the Property and House

Single storey brick veneer home, with detached garages and workshop.

The land slopes from the street to the rear of the property with native gum trees and beautifully landscaped gardens. There is a custom designed inground swimming pool, that we had to navigate during the build.

Being a brand new home, there were no existing awnings or structures on the site.

Design, Style and Colour

When designing this project, the main aim was to increase the outside living space. Jennie and Peter already had an alfresco area, which was part of the initial build of the home. We added a large insulated gable pergola on one side and a smaller insulated gable pergola on the other side, more than doubling their outdoor entertaining area. We matched the colour of the home using Colorbond’s® Monument. The ceiling was gloss white.

Both gable pergolas were attached to the existing house using our structural box gutter system.

Installation of Posts

Posts went into concrete footings.

Roof Materials and Profile

The roof is insulated Corolink 85mm core by Versiclad. An insulated was chosen by Jennie and Peter to give the feel of being part of the house, as Corolink has a smooth surface. It also looked part of the existing Alfresco area. An insulated roof also provided protection from the heat, eliminates condensation and reduces the noise.

Louvres and Privacy Screens

We also installed aluminium powder coated louvred privacy screens and gates to the far end of the largest gable pergola. This was to provide privacy from neighbours as well as access via the gate to the side of the home. It formed part of the pool fence, which is why the louvre blades on the gate were installed vertically to comply with pool fence regulations.


This project did not include an enclosure.

Decorative Features

A 3 spoke feature to the front of the gable end was installed. And twinwall panel was installed to the rear gable end. Louvres for privacy were also installed.

Interesting Facts of This Project

Jennie and Peter were terrific people to work with and we ended up installing many more projects for them over the years. They had so many louvres installed, we decided to surprise them and install louvres on their dog kennel for their lovely labrador pooch.

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