Glass & Insulated

A Premier glass enclosure is a cost effective way of increasing your living and entertaining area without the expense of a traditional home extension. These can be built with either a skillion or gable roof and with a combination of floor to ceiling windows, half insulated wall/half windows or full insulated walls.

Our glass rooms use a one piece roofing system that eliminates exposed beams. Together with our box gutter system, this makes for a clean and attractive internal finish.

The insulated wall has a polystyrene core, which prevents the heat from passing from external to internal wall linings.

All windows and sliding doors are Australian made and to Australian standards.

The internal wall linings come in a selection of colours and finishes with easily maintained finishes.

If required we can also install a timber deck to go with your enclosure, as well as installing lights and fans.

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A Premier screened enclosure is an economical way of enjoying your outdoor area while protecting you from insects and flies. These can be built with either a skillion or gable roof design.

In most cases, screening can be added under your existing awning.

A Premier screened enclosure can also be easily modified in the future to become a glass/insulated enclosure by adding windows and insulated roof panel.

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